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If you are interested in getting a taste of life at our monastery you are always welcome as a visitor.  The church is always open and you are welcome to all the hours of the liturgy sung by the Sisters.
You may also come on retreat here for a week each year or as a volunteer if you wish to work with us and can come for an extended period (a few months to a year.)  Information on all the above is available at our other websites.  See the contacts and links below.

If you wonder if you might have a call to life as a nun here on Tautra, we could help explore this option with you provided that you are under 40 years of age, single and without dependants or serious debts.  To live our life you would also need to enjoy reasonably good physical and mental health.  And as in any kind of serious work, you would need to able to get along well with others and feel comfortable with a fairly structured life and yet have the ability to also be flexible.

    And one of the most important elements would be that you want to grow in the life of faith and to give your life completely over to Jesus, that you wish to engage in a deep search for God.


Tautra Mariakloster,
7633 Frosta


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