St. Benedict (whose rule we follow) wrote that a monk is truly a monk when he works by the labour of his hands.  We value manual labour for many reasons.  It balances our life and even helps us to pray. It's also a way to unite with other workers and with the poor. Work at our monastery is varied and often can also be very creative.  It's another way to form community.

We can be called upon to do many different things:  help in the kitchen, doing light gardening and     other outdoor work (e.g. picking berries), helping in the library, and of course, working some time in the soap and cosmetics department.

Following the Benedictine Rule, another type of work important in our life is hospitality. We receive persons for private retreats and some come for a longer period as volunteers, living in the Guest House and working with us in the community. For more information on these programs see our website: and